Wallhanger TV renews partnership with UrgeMedia

Wallhanger TV

UrgeMedia is pleased to announce the renewal of partnership with Wallhanger TV, a highly acclaimed hunting show airing on Pursuit Channel. Hosts Chad and Dana Wall deliver sensational hunting adventures focused on their faith, family and the outdoors. The husband-and-wife duo call Springfield, Louisiana home but their hunting adventures means traveling across the country in search of many big game species. While harvesting trophy class game animals is what the Wall family is known for their unwavering faith in God is the driving force behind their family and ultimately their success.

When they aren’t spending their time outdoors, Chad and Dana Wall are working in their fabrication shop. As the owners of Wall 2 Wall Manufacturing and Old South Dog Boxes, the couple works with several brands in the industry, providing fabrication work, including working with the folks at GatroTrax boats.

Wallhanger TV is a premiere hunting show on Pursuit channel and many UrgeMedia clients will appear in commercials, billboards, product segments, and mini skits, along with Content creation through social media platforms and online digital resources. UrgeMedia and Wallhanger TV is a natural fit. UrgeMedia, a media acquisition company works solely within the outdoors and recreation space with a wide demographic of hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, off-road enthusiasts, and more. If your outdoor recreation company or brand is looking for a shot in the arm, harness your marketing strength with “THE POWER OF URGE.”

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