January 21, 2016

TV Components

We combine high volume strategic inventory component placement with commercials, in-show skits, product segments, video billboards, logo wear, strategic product placement, and others within as many TV applications as your budget allows.  Essentially your brand will be embedded into our platform to ensure we are maximizing your exposure and ROI.

TV Shows We Partner With


Through our acquisition strategy and the network of over 40 shows that we partner with we are able to run scheduled commercials throughout these shows at either 15 to 30 seconds at a fraction of the cost.



We like to look at these as 5-6 second commercials which can be edited from any video footage you have.  They are extremely effective and the strategy here is all about impressions as they are 20% the cost of a 30-second commercial spot.



We supply the producer with b-roll footage, the physical product, and a script from you that is then produced with the TV hosts likeness that exposes your brand/product for 10-15 seconds within the show.



Integrated within the TV show where the host spends 45 seconds highlighting your product.  We supply a producer with a physical product and a script that will best outline the marketing direction of your brand.



The graphics are embedded within the TV show where your logo and/or product come into the screen for 10 seconds.  This is a great in-content branding piece.



One creative form of video advertisement is to embed your brand into a short film. That’s right—a short-length movie complete with characters and a storyline to highlight your brand what what your product is all about.



Logo wear worn over the course of a single episode where the average viewer knows exactly what brand is exposed on the apparel during logo wear spot. Logo wear placement must feature the brand in a manner that is easily recognizable to the average viewer.



Product integrated within the introduction and content of the TV show.  Product placements must feature the brand and product in a manner that is easily recognizable to the average viewer with reasonable prominence.