March 30, 2018

Digital Marketing

UrgeMedia is a major player in re-targeting, programmatic, and email marketing.  We take data from your website viewers and get a clear understanding of who your customer is.  It's this type of data that allows us to serve ads to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right location.  This tactic maximizes your brands' exposure while maintaining the best ROI possible.


Re-targeting is the practice of serving ads to users based on prior engagement with your website.  When someone visits your website an anonymous browser cookie gets activated.  The cookie will store the site visit and when that visitor leaves, that cookie lets re-targets know when that bounced visitor appears on another site.  If there is available ad space, a bid get placed securing that ad space before the page loads.  The entire process occurs within a fraction of a second.


Examples Of Re-Targeting


Programmatic advertising uses a vast amount of user data and technology enabling us to make real-time decisions about the advertisement we want to deliver to the consumer.  Programmatic advertising takes into consideration everything we know about the audience demographically and behaviorally based on the individual’s internet consumption habits over time.


Funnel marketing is a set of steps you want a website visitor to go through and along the way you’re collecting data about them.  You can use this data to create email or social marketing campaigns.  UrgeMedia will set up an initial campaign to generate traffic to your site in the form of a giveaway.  After the giveaway, we’ll take all the data collected and put it to use in the form of actionable marketing campaigns.