January 26, 2016

Digital Components

Much like the TV aspect of our business.  UrgeMedia acquires relevant digital advertising components in bulk from sources that make sense for our clients’ brands; where our company (UrgeMedia) becomes financially responsible for this inventory.  We break down the digital components sector of our business into the three sections found below.

High Display Impact Advertising

As our world continues to become more mobile your branding message needs to be “On The Go” in order to be heard.  Urge Media has partnered with some great digital platforms that perform at high-level CTR & low-cost CPM.  Below are some examples of our digital components.

We have several vendors in the outdoor/hunting space which we have acquired ad space and are ready to distribute your brand’s message on these spaces.

Digital Marketing

UrgeMedia is also a major player in re-targeting, programmatic, and email marketing which we take data from your website viewers and get a clear understanding of who your customer is.  It’s this type of data that allows us to serve ads to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right location.  This tactic allows us to maximize exposure for your brand maintaining the best ROI possible.

Organic Social Media Influencer Posts

Producers will post organically through the UrgeMedia platform on their own social media outlets.  There is no limit to the number of posts so long as the contracted fans/ followers are captured.  UrgeMedia has over 5.5 million followers over 60 producer and outdoor personality profiles.  Posting organically through these pages allows you to maximize your exposure using a TV show’s reach.