January 26, 2016

UrgeMedia Services


We maximize exposure for brands and maintain the best “ROI” possible for your marketing dollars. Urge has been in the media acquisition business for 20+ years partnering with a variety of brands in the Hunting & Outdoor Recreation space. We acquire advertising components on Television, Digital, Content Creation and with Social Media Influencers.

Television Advertising

We combine high volume strategic inventory component placement with commercials, in-show skits, product segments, video billboards, logo wear, strategic product placement, and others within as many TV applications as your budget allows.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media influencers can create real value for your brand. Product recommendations from trusted, influential people can shed the cynicism that marks the average consumer response to advertising.

Display Advertising

As our world continues to become more mobile your branding message needs to be “On The Go” in order to be heard.  Urge Media has partnered with some great digital platforms that perform at high-level CTR & low-cost CPM.  Below are some examples of our digital components.

Content Creation

Through our network of TV show producers, we’ll ship them products for them to use out in the field.  This creates an opportunity for them to shoot relative content in their show with your products being featured.

Digital Marketing

Let UrgeMedia take data from your website viewers and get a clear understanding of who your customer is.  It's this type of data that allows us to serve ads to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right location. This tactic maximizes your brands' exposure while maintaining the best ROI possible.

Social Media Management

Whether you are looking to establish a social media presence or trying to do more with the one you have, UrgeMedia will deliver results on your social pages.