Limited-time offer – 25% off Q3/Q4 advertising inventory

***Limited time offer – 25% off Q3/Q4 Advertising Inventory***

An outdoor industry staple for over 20 years has a new face and direction.

UrgeMedia (est. in 1999) was recently purchased by Tamarack Outdoors, LLC and its founder Mr. Steven Bailey.

To celebrate the “New” UrgeMedia’s first full year in business, Mr. Bailey has slashed its prime advertising rates by 25% for Q3/Q4 advertising inventory.

Our program partners include: QuickHunts, Red Rising, DeerTopia, Roger Raglin, WallhangerTV, Game of Inches, The Most Wanted List, Land of Whitetail, Beyond the Rubicon, Team 200, The Lindsey Way, Hardcore Pursuit, Wild TV, Legends of the Fall, and Whitetail Freaks.

Visit, contact us at or call (502) 702-1832 for more information.