UrgeMedia’s QuickHunts TV Comes in as No.1 Show on the Pursuit Channel

QuickHunts TV

Urge Media has taken a unique approach to catapult their very own show, Quick Hunts TV, as a No. 1 spot on the Pursuit Channel. Quick Hunt consists of eight short films, each dedicated to the advertising brand.

Being the most viewed program on the Pursuit Channel, Quick Hunts reached 2.1+ million households through long-form television in quarters three and four of 2022. Because of its popularity and demand, Quick Hunts is also running on WildTV and the WildTV app, with new episodes airing in the coming quarters three and four. Quick Hunts has set itself apart as the premiere program for Pursuit Up, which is the Pursuit Channel’s OTT platform.

Quick Hunts averaged 70,000 views per week on the Pursuit Channel and 40,000 views per week on Pursuit Up. With new episodes from some of the top hunting producers and brands in the industry, Quick Hunts will reach a larger number of viewers in 2023, giving their producers and clients an even bigger return on their investment.

In 2023, Quick Hunts will also begin airing on Youtube, as Urge expands its audience reach. It will also have its own dedicated podcast.

Clients are eager to become part of the Quick Hunts lineup. For example, brands such as Big and J, QuietKat, Buck Forage, ATV Silencer, and 3 Rivers Archery will all have commercials, billboards, mini-skits, and more, in every Quick Hunts program.

With the ability to take short films and package them in a way that reaches a wide range of viewers, Urge has powered Quick Hunts to the front of the Pursuit Channel, Pursuit Up, and other OTT platforms. Producers, clients, and all brands are benefiting from the popularity of Quick Hunts and becoming more relevant when they are “POWERED BY URGE.”