Digital Retargeting

Digital Retargeting

Have you ever been browsing your favorite website and all the sudden an ad with content from a previously visited site appears?  How did they do that? How do they know that you’ve shown interest in that product/service? How can this placement of targeted ads be beneficial?  Enter the world of digital retargeting.  Retargeting is the practice of serving ads to users based on prior engagement with your website.  I feel it’s best explained by April when Ron poses a question about how he’s being targeted.

How Retargeting Works:

When someone visits a website an anonymous browser cookie gets activated.  The cookie […]

The Need For Speed & Stealth – QuietKat

The Need For Speed & Stealth – QuietKat

Written by: Wide Open Spaces

August 12, 2016

“Part of my hunting season success hinged on entering my treestand undetected. The QuietKat allowed me to do it.”

It was the first day of the Illinois late muzzleloader season and I was running late. Some important work obligations held me at the lodge longer than expected; I was on a 3 day self-guided hunt with Performance Outdoors Outfitters in West-Central Illinois. With a low pressure cold front setting in, I knew I had to make it to the stand for an evening sit, no matter what!

The need for speed (and stealth)

I arrived at the farm […]

Pre-Season Huntstand App Uses

Pre-Season Huntstand App Uses

Written by: Blake Baxley, Huntstand Inc.

July 30, 2015

The Huntstand Mobile App is a year round tool that can be used to help improve your time spent outdoors. The 2015 whitetail deer hunting season is right around the corner. How can Huntstand be used during this time?

Pre-Season Scouting

As we all know, pre-season scouting is very important. It is a constant battle of patterning a particular buck or bucks and making sure not to pressure your deer. The opening week of the season is a great time to harvest a mature buck but you have to be very careful with your preparation. […]

5 Effective Business Storytelling Techinques

5 Effective Business Storytelling Techinques

Written By: Eric Hinson @expainify

Mar 21, 2016

Which of these statements is more interesting to you?

“Coffee is a beverage brewed from the ground, roasted seeds of the coffee berry. Coffee has been grown since the 15th century in the Arabian Peninsula.”

Or this one?

“Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd. One day, Kaldi noticed his flock munching on the red berries of a tall shrub—and frolicking energetically to the next bush. He tried a few of the berries for himself, and shortly he was dancing right along with the goats.  A monk who happened to see Kaldi’s coffee-induced […]

“New School” Tips For The Beginner Shed Hunter

“New School” Tips For The Beginner Shed Hunter

Written By Adam Parr, Transition Wild

With shed hunting season well underway in Colorado, I thought I would offer up a few tips for the novice shed hunter looking to find that precious prize. If you lack experience in the world of shed hunting, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed when it comes to getting started. As with anything in life, the more you practice and the more time you put in, the better you will get. To make things easier for the inexperienced shed hunter, I’ve put together a “new-school” quick-start-guide to get you off and running in pursuit of that […]

The Surge Of Urge Media

This article was printed in the Eagle Valley Enterprise on September 19, 2013

UrgeMedia, a small company headquartered in Eagle, CO is changing the way national TV marketing campaigns are handled.

“I think it’s pretty unique to have such a high-profile company in town,” said Eagle Town Manager Jon Stavney.

If you watch The Outdoor Channel or similar programs about hunting and fishing, you’ve seen UrgeMedia’s work.

“We manage our clients’ TV advertising budgets in the outdoor/hunting/fishing space,” said Justin Roach, 41, who started the company in 2000 and now co-owns it with his twin brother.

“We’re not a production house,” Roach said. “We acquire […]