Navigate the Agency Maze: How to Evaluate and Select a Marketing Agency

by Thomas Myroniak You’ve decided to get some expert marketing help for your brand/products to drive sales, build awareness, or scale your business…so where do you start?  A quick and simple Google search for “marketing agency” returns a mind-boggling 1,320,000,000 results! Navigating through the extensive network of marketing agencies available today can be a daunting[…]

Curtis Bailey, host of Quick Hunts TV

Curtis Bailey to host Quick Hunts TV

By John Kirby Curtis Bailey is the now the new host of Quick Hunts, airing on nationally on Pursuit Channel (and streaming through PursuitUp) and in Canada through Wild TV and streaming though Wild TV Plus. Quick Hunts is a thrilling series of 2.5-minute short hunting films, delivering action-packed highlights that keep viewers on the[…]

Combining TV and digital advertising nets 32% in sales

The Modern Evolution of Outdoor Marketing By Mark J. Shutey The outdoor industry is unique only unto itself. Ask any industry professional to calculate for maximum kinetic energy values, ballistic coefficients, specified leader weights, or adjusted tire pressure (PSI) for a given terrain and you will receive an exacting dissertation complete with diagrams. However, ask[…]