5 Must Watch Outdoor Television Shows

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”–Warren Buffett

At UrgeMedia, we are constantly working on acquiring valuable inventory that will reach the right audience, offering it to our clients at an incredible price. In the case of television advertising, the value is found in quality entertainment offered to a dedicated following of hunters, fishermen, and lovers of all things outside.

Here are a few of our incredible television partners that reach a loyal audience of outdoor enthusiasts. If you haven’t seen these 5 shows, it’s time to reach for the remote and set your DVR.


Hunt Masters

The documentary style of this exciting, dynamic show gives you a front-row seat on the quest for record breaking trophy whitetails. Host Gregg Ritz draws on 30+ years of adventure hunting experience to demonstrate the sacrifice and indomitable spirit that is required when pursuing a unique goal. Witness epic encounters in scenic landscapes while learning from a master hunter. This adrenaline charged show will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Legends Of The Fall

Follow high-energy hunts with this clan of dedicated, passionate, tireless adventurers let by Dave Bogart with Mike & Bonnie McFerrin. These whitetail focused hunters who explore North America are branching out into a variety of big game pursuits. The unique filming style, similar to the hit television series “24,” lends a singular point of view to the hunting experience. This crew keeps at it all year, battling challenges many hunters never have to face.



You’ll fight the adrenaline rush from your couch as hosts Kyle Wieter, his wife Linda, and children Logan and Jessi join the rest of the Adrenaline crew on the hunt for midwestern whitetails. With a dedication to the 100% fair chase of these ultimate survival machines, Kyle & his team invite you on a roller coaster ride filled with unexpected turns of events that are not for the faint of heart.


The Most Wanted List

Hosts Kristy Lee Cook, Jessi Joe Lee Stanfill,  Jessica Smith, and their guests are in pursuit of the world’s most coveted hunts as they travel the globe. They battle terrain, weather, unique species, and other drama as they check experiences off their list one by one. The girls pursue a new goal in each episode, forcing themselves to rely on strategy and a reckless spirit to reach their target. See where these talented ladies will take us in Season 3.


Struttin’ Bucks

Heath Graham, Brandon Hunt and Matt Cowell are a talented trifecta responsible for this television show’s visionary, media production and marketing success. This local show started in 2008 and gained traction quickly to national level in 2012 with a dedicated fan base. You’ll feel a part of the action on these “do-it-yourself” hunts presented by Arkansas men driven to share the adventure with you.



Finding a balance between the cost of an effective marketing strategy and other hard costs of doing business is a challenge that all companies face. At UrgeMedia we pride ourselves on promoting strategic growth. We offer the very best inventory for the most aggressive CPM in the outdoor television and digital marketplace, tailoring each strategy to meet the needs and budget of each individual client. If you’d like to see your brand featured in these or any other of the dozens of shows available on our television platform, contact us at 970-328-8001 today. We will provide you with a sample marketing strategy that fits your goals and budget free of charge.