Leveraging Company Culture to Create Brand Loyalty

One of the main reasons we at UrgeMedia love working with brands in the Outdoor Industry is the transparent, fun-loving company culture that we share with our clients. Outdoor enthusiasts are those who enjoy what life has to offer. This attitude makes for a pleasant working environment. Employees of companies who manufacture goods to improve the outdoor experience tend to use their products, which creates a passion for the brand within the company.

So, how can we put this fun, casual, and passionate culture to work for your brand?

Nurture the Attitudes You Want to Grow

First, you want to be sure that the culture in your company is one that you want to share with the world. Small steps that you take to improve the lives of your employees, such as a flexible work environment or a company-sponsored outing can have a tremendous ROI for little investment on your part.

Here at UrgeMedia, we occasionally take off an hour early on Thursday afternoons for a little outing we like to call “Boneyard and Beers.” We take a group hike/bike on a local trail (called the Boneyard), and meet at the brewery across the street from our office for a quick beer and catch-up with our coworkers.

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Even silly things, like the “Wall of Fame” we’ve placed in our office, can lighten the mood and foster fun, lighthearted conversation and a team spirit.

Look at the morale within your company and see if there is a way to nurture your culture that won’t break the bank. Of course, the occasional big gesture like a night out on the town bowling is always appreciated. For more ideas, read this great article from Entrepreneur.

Share Who You are with the World

Examine your current advertising efforts. Do you capitalize on the pervasive values of adventure, tradition, family, hard work, and stewardship that the hunting and outdoor industries are founded upon? To communicate this message consistently to your audience, consider adjusting your messaging to include your company values. Here is a breakdown on how some of the leaders in the outdoor industry position themselves to create brand loyalty.

Anxious about making a mid-season switch? Don’t send your creative department into a tailspin. You can adjust your position using social media and in-content television advertising.

In-Content Television Advertising

Before you leave this post under the assumption that TV is crazy expensive, let’s put to rest the idea that all television is out of reach for growing companies. In-content advertising opportunities such as Logo Wear and Product Placement have a tremendous ROI, as they capitalize on the utility of the product (feeding the core value of hard work) as well as the power of the celebrity/influencer endorsement.

For no more than a few hundred dollars and the cost of a t-shirt, your logo could be featured throughout episodes of shows such as Huntmasters, Legends of the Fall, and Whitetail Freaks. These episodes will repeat throughout the week and sometimes more throughout the year, reaching your target audience of diehard outdoor enthusiasts. Providing this level of accessibility is why we work to acquire bulk inventory at the lowest possible CPM and distribute it to fit the needs of our clients.

Social Media

The social media universe is an ever growing, ever changing means to reach your customers with two-way dialog. Invite your employees to submit content for posts about how they use your product, and about your company in general. Sharing beautiful photos and stories of successful company outings will ensure that you stay top of mind. In the end, you will engender a personal relationship between you and your end customer.

Not sure how to grow your audience and get the word out about your brand through social media? Consider approaching influencers to engage with your product. Our vast network of millions of social media followers through television producer pages allows us to share your content to your target audience efficiently and organically. This reads as more authentic than paying for advertisements with a sponsored message.

Company Culture Matters

The benefits of a positive company culture are vast and far-reaching, including improved productivity and overall employee experience. Chances are you have considered this in an effort to drive your company toward success. We encourage you to take that to the next level, and leverage your company culture to foster customer loyalty for your brand. As always, we are here to help.