Win a FatKat from QuietKat

Originally published on The Outdoor Wire March 12, 2018

Travel further, faster, and with less impact using one of QuietKat’s FatKat Mountain bikes or trikes.

QuietKat: All Terrain, All Electric

Colorado based electric bike company QuietKat’s mission is to go above and beyond the standard electric bikes to provide its customers with the ultimate hunting and outdoor recreation machine. The tough, overbuilt design gives users access to deep terrain while minimizing scent trails and noise pollution, allowing them to get closer to game without disturbing the environment. The folding models are ideal for portable transport in all outdoor applications and are a great tool for boating and camping.

QuietKat is running a 2018 sweepstakes to win a cutting edge QuietKat Rover equipped with a 750w hub motor, single-speed gearing, and rigid front fork. There is no purchase necessary to win. From now until the end of the year, visit their website and Facebook for multiple ways to enter.


Run Your Own Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes effort is a cutting-edge data gathering promotional tool managed by QuietKat’s sister company UrgeMedia, which has been handling all marketing efforts for this growing company since it was founded in 2012.

“With help from the team at UrgeMedia and their knowledge of marketing in the outdoor recreation space, QuietKat has been able to grow our business confidently. We rely on UrgeMedia to get the word out so that our internal team can focus on staying ahead of the competition. These days it is rare to hear of an outdoorsman who is not familiar with QuietKat, and I can thank UrgeMedia for that.”

-Jake Roach, President of QuietKat

UrgeMedia’s expanding digital platform is built on 18 years of experience marketing to consumers in the hunting and outdoor space. Their professional team can handle a variety of digital and television marketing tasks at the most price aggressive CPM in the industry, reaching a focused and relevant audience to generate the highest possible ROI. Their full auditing and reporting system ensures that you know where every marketing dollar is spent.

Whether your budget is $1,500 or $50,000, UrgeMedia can put together a custom marketing plan to fit your goals for growth. Contact Sales Manager Clint Salisbury at 970.328.8001 ext. 34 or visit their website to learn how to put their innovative platform to work for your brand.