April 20, 2018

QuietKat Case Study

Step 1 – Define Campaign Goals

Every email marketing campaign needs to start with a goal.  What are you wanting viewers to do?  Is it to intice viewers to purchase a product, view a video, or click through to a landing page?  QuietKat’s 2018 giveaway campaign goal was to invite viewers to sign up for the giveaway.

Step 2 – Giveaway Creation

Now that we have some goals in mind it’s time to start generating some true traffic in the form of a giveaway.  There are several ways to do so, but one platform that we recommend is Gleam.  Gleam allows you to integrate any data collected into your email marketing database.  It also allows for several ways for users to enter the contest.  You’ll see below that there are 8 ways to enter.  What’s going on behind the scenes is something that QuietKat will be using in the all encompassing funnel marketing campaign.  These things are:

  • Collecting pixel information from visitors who signup through the Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Collecting email addresses from newsletter signups.
  • Users who refer friends for extra entries increases our reach exponentially.
  • Collecting cookie information from visitors who visit the specified landing page.


Step 3 – Create A Landing Page

You’ll want to create a specific landing page where users can go and see more information on the giveaway or promotion.  This does two things.  It gives more information about the giveaway or promotion.  It also gives you a chance to cookie the user for future advertising and email marketing purposes.

Step 4 – Build Your Audience

QuietKat partners with AdRoll and we activated an audience specifically to users going to the giveaway landing page.  If you don’t have an AdRoll pixel set up on the backend of your website, please reach out and we’ll show you how to do this so you can start generating targeted audiences.


We also used the Facebook Pixel to keep track of users going to the giveaway landing page for future social targeting options.  If you don’t have a Facebook pixel set up on the backend of your website, please reach out and we’ll show you how to do this so you can start generating targeted audiences.


We integrated Gleam with QuietKat’s MailChimp account and added a new list of emails dedicated to visitors who signed up for our newsletter through the Gleam interface.

Step 5- Drive Viewers To The Landing Page

The best way to collect users’ information is by driving them to a landing page.  Even if they don’t sign up for the newsletter their information is still stored in a cookie for future targeting purposes.  QuietKat used TV, Social, and Display Advertising to drive users to the landing page to sign up for the giveaway.

  • Television


  • Display Advertising



  • Organic Social Media Posts


Step 6 – Start Your Funnel Campaign

Use the audiences you’ve built to launch email marketing, re-targeting, and paid social campaigns.


  • Email Marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Paid Social Advertising

Step 7 – Track Your Results

A campaign can only be successful if you track your data.  The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are important to you should be stated when you’re writing your campaign goals.