TV Components


The best bang for your buck in terms of commercial placement as it’s half the cost of a 30-sec commercial while reaching the same number of impressions.  A 15 second commercial can be simply built from an existing 30 second commercial.


These pieces are content that is integrated within a TV show.  We like to look at these like 5-6 second commercials which can be edited from any video footage you have.  They are extremely effective if done correctly and the strategy here is all about impressions as they are 20% the cost of a 30 second commercial spot.  They can be product specific as well as brand specific.  If you seek to maximize your frequency this inventory component is highly recommended.

Mini Skits

These commercial skits are content that is integrated within available TV shows that are applicable to your brand. We supply the producer with B-roll footage, the physical product we want them to promote, and a script to complete the piece for that exposes your brand/product with the producer’s likeness.

Product Segments

Product Segments are integrated within a TV show where the host spends 45 seconds highlighting your product. We supply a producer with a finished message or send him products and a script to follow to create from scratch.

In Show Product Graphic

This graphic reveal is embedded within the content of the TV show and is a great way to promote a specific product or brand in relevant places during a show.  This graphic must feature the product and brand in a manner that is easily recognizable to the average viewer with reasonable prominence.

Show Intro

Show Intro Product Placement is just like it sounds.  Your product is integrated within the show opening each and every week.  This is a very impactful position to have your product highlighted.

TV/Facebook Integration

These segments are dedicated to driving fans and viewers to the social media platform of the show. While doing so your brand will be incorporated and highlighted in a setting that is easily recognizable to the average viewer.

Time Lapse Scene

These scenes will highlight your product in a time lapse scenario.  They will last approximately 10 seconds long and will usually be placed within the show at a point where the show transitions from one scene to another.  These scenes are just another form of in-content product placement.

Logo Wear Placement

Logo wear placement is to be worn over the course of a single episode where the average viewer knows exactly what brand is exposed on the apparel during logo wear spot. Logo wear placement must feature the brand in a manner that is easily recognizable to the average viewer.

In Show Product Placement

Product integrated within the content of the TV show. Product placements must feature the brand and product in a manner that is easily recognizable to the average viewer with reasonable prominence.  The product must be easily and distinctly recognized to be associated to the brand being showcased.