Digital Components

As our world continues to become more mobile your branding message needs to be “On The Go” in order to be heard.  Urge Media has partnered with some great digital platforms that perform at high level CTR & low cost CPM.  Below are some examples of our digital components.

Desktop Site Skin Takeover

Desktop Site Skin Takeover – The desktop site skin takeover does exactly what its name implies….IT TAKES OVER.  What’s included in this space is the background site skin (the left & right areas around the content of the website) and the horizontal leaderboard (the display banner at the top of the website).

Desktop Super Header

Desktop Super Header – The desktop super header includes the largest digital component that we offer, a massive  leaderboard (the display banner at the top of the website) & a vertical banner (down the page and to the right).

Desktop Native Content

Desktop Native Content – Native content pieces are stories written by authors of websites that not only contain valuable information to the reader, but promotes your brand in subtle ways.  this is an extremely powerful way to peek the interest of the reader and make them want to learn more about your brand.

Mobile Page Takeover

Mobile Page Takeover – Mobile page takeovers are a great way to expose your brand and also give the viewer an opportunity to purchase the product right from their mobile device.  Included in this space is a product carousel, a square banner (top of article), and an adhesion banner that scrolls along with user motion.

Mobile Full Page Interstitial

Mobile Full Page Interstitials – The mobile full page interstitial ad displays when navigating between two content pages.  The ad takes over the whole screen and when the visitor clicks the ad a new window will open displaying the landing page of your choice.

Desktop & Mobile Pre-Roll Video

Desktop & Mobile Pre-Roll Video – A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected.  The video ads are often repurposed television ads, sometimes shortened to 10 or 15 seconds.  Pre-roll video ads are the most common form of video advertisement.

Boosted Social Posts

Boosted Social Posts – A boosted post on Facebook is content that you “boost” to increase its reach.  A boosted post will appear higher in a viewers newsfeed so there’s a better chance that your audience will see it.  You can target a specific audience based on a number of different criteria.

Digital Retargeting

Digital Retargeting – By serving retargeted ads to users who already expressed interest in your brand they now become part of the purchase funnel and encourages the next step….conversion.  Keep your brand top of mind by only serving ads to people who have expressed interest in your product.  Ads that are served to a focused audience ensures retargeting increases your ROI.