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What Urge Media Does

“Micro-Sponsorship” TV/Digital Strategy

UrgeMedia acquires relevant advertising components in mass quantity from sources that make sense for our clients’ brands; where our company (UrgeMedia) becomes financially responsible for this inventory.  We acquire at a price position to maximize exposure for brands and maintaining the best “ROI” possible.  UrgeMedia establishes a ‘’micro-sponsorship” model for clients which works seamlessly in conjunction with platform to maximize your marketing dollars by ensuring the following:

– Brand Relevance

– The most price aggressive CPM per inventory components

– Full audits and Reports to know exactly where and when your marketing budget is being spent

In short, we combine high volume strategic inventory component placement with commercial, in-show skits, product segments, video billboards, logo wear, strategic product placements/usage high impact display advertising, native digital content and others within as many TV and DIGITAL applications as your budget allows. Essentially your brand will be embedded into our platform to ensure we are maximizing your exposure and ROI.

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